• Tivoli denmark
    Denmark,  Europe


    Two minutes after entering Tivoli, we left. And Tivoli was the main purpose of our trip. Well, we were hungry and found a food market just after entering. So we stepped out, got a stamp on our arm, and had some burgers with curly fries at the Gasoline grill. High quality meet, less flavour. Good curlies. And our first beers.

  • Aurora borealis
    Europe,  Sweden


    The emerald of the north In the middle of the darkest months during Swedish winter we decided to head north, and visit the beautiful Lapland and its largest city. Alex had been once before but this was the frist time – and the farthest north – Tess had been.

  • Chamonix alperna
    Europe,  France

    Chamonix French Alps

    We went to Chamonix in the french alps in February 2020, just before the serious corona pandemic hit it's peak in Europe. Thursday to Sunday, which gave us two full days of skiing in the alps.