• Africa

    South Africa

    Kruger park & Hoyo Hoyo lodge This trip came together fast and on fairly short notice. Alex was traveling to Johannesburg for work so we decided that Tess would fly down at the end of the work week and we’d go on a safari together. An opportunity that we felt like we didn’t want to miss. Typically we’ll do a lot of research and planning on our own when we take a trip, but since this trip was only planned 2 weeks before we left, we decided to use a safari travel agent.  Since we’ve never been to Africa before, let alone on safari, we went into the experience with…

  • Europe

    Greece – Athens & Samos

    Vacation relaxation  We made it to Greece! Second times the charm. We were supposed to go a year earlier but Tess got sick the night before and we couldn’t go. This time everyone was happy and healthy and we set off on our first Mediterranean relaxed vacation.  We started in Athens then flew to Samos and ended the tripp back in the capital.  Quick facts: Samos – the Greek island in the Aegean Sea – belongs to the North Aegean Islands region. It is one of the country’s largest and most fertile islands and is located on the west coast of Asia Minor, south of Chios, north of Patmos and…

  • Europe

    York England

    Old York aka Jorvik Quick facts: York is a cathedral city in North Yorkshire, England. It’s been voted the most beautiful city in England several times and was once inhabited by vikings. I (Tess) studied here for a semester, at York st John University and fell in love. I am aware that nostalgia and the time of life may have affected my perception of this time, but it really is beautiful and I was so happy to show this wonderful place to Alex.  Trip highlights: For Tess: Walking down the streets of York, having the feeling of home wash over me. For Alex: Spark, and beer.  Points: Beer 7/10 points, …

  • Europe,  Italy

    Rome & Florence

    Wine, Pizza & Pasta We ate a lot of food. We drank a lot of wine. Just to prepare you for what’s to come in this post. A lot of food and wine. We enjoyed Italy a lot, and it’s not the last time we visit.  Quick facts: Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a country located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, in Southern Europe. Known for their food and wine, and being considered one of the birthplaces of western civilization and as well as a cultural superpower. Trip highlights: The food. And the wine.  Points: Local Wine 9.5/10 points, Food 9/10 points. When in Rome Our trip started…

  • America

    Jackson hole – Wyoming

    Wild Wild West You know, like the Will Smith song? We played it, a few times. This was something different, big, very cool, and very expensive. A new experience of mountains, ranches and cowboys. And a wedding, which was the reason we traveled to Jackson hole.   Quick facts: The city is the capital of Teton County and also its only city, with 9,577 inhabitants (2010). The city is sometimes incorrectly called Jackson Hole, but this name refers to the valley, not the city itself. Trip highlights: The wedding at a horse ranch, crazy bus driver, cowboy friends and catching up with old friends (for Alex). Points: Local Beer 8/10 points, Margaritas 10/10…

  • America

    Las Vegas

    Trip of a life time 2021 we did it, the trip that we were supposed to do a year earlier, the fantastic trip we looked forward to so much. The wedding we were invited to 2020 got re-scheduled to the same weekend 2021, and we decided to go. Not the easiest trip to plan and prepare for, but it turned out very very well. We decided to split the trips in different posts, so please also check out the Jackson hole – Wyoming and Rhode Island posts.  Quick facts: Vegas is an adult playground, creates an overstimulation of the senses, where everything is over the top. Trip highlights: Great food…

  • Kristinehamn

    Skövde – Kristinehamn – Stockholm

    Summer of staycation I don’t think anyone have missed that the summer of 2020 was different. Plans – that for us was taking us over the the ocean – were cancelled, and we had to make lemonade out of corona-lemons. So instead of Spain, Boston, Las vegas (!) and Jacksonhole Wyoming, we stayed in Stockholm, visited Skövde and Kristinehamn. It turned out better than we hoped.  Quick facts: Skövde is the birthplace of Tess, and has a mountain (yes, a mountain). Kristinehamn is in Värmland by Swedens biggest lake – Vänern.  Trip highlights: Rooftop pool, private pool, swimming in pools (I think you see the pattern).  Points: Local Beer 7,5/10 points,…

  • Kiev 2019


    The city of man purses Being the first real vacation together, a short weekend to Kiev, seamed adventurous for the both of us. Neither one had visited Kiev or Ukraine before and was unsure of what to expect.  Quick facts: Kiev is the capital and most populous city of Ukraine. It’s located in north-central Ukraine along the Dnieper River. And, it’s one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. Trip highlights: Very tasty and good value food, cheap transportation and friendly people. Points: Local Beer 6,5/10 points, Cinnamon buns 8,9/10 points, Kiev overall points: 7/10 points. Travel & Accommodation The flight to Kiev is shorter than you might think, or it…

  • Boston


    Boston, Portland & Newport On this trip over the Atlantic ocean we not only visited Boston, we also went to Portland and Newport. So this post will include all of them, in order. This was Tess’s first time to New England, previous visits went to New York (3 times because a certain sister kept moving back there), Orlando, Florida (for Disney land) and Hawaii (at 2 years old, so not much stuck to memory). On the agenda was to visit family – and eat oysters.  Quick facts: Boston is the capital and most populous city of Massachusetts, and the 21st most populous city in the United States. It’s located in…

  • Lisbon
    Europe,  Lisbon


    Wine, Food & walking 2019 was a great summer. First summer vacation together and – as you might have guessed by now – we made the most of it. We started the spring in Kiev and after that we decided to go somewhere neither of us had been before. That had good wine and warm weather.  Tess have been to Spain many times, but Alex had never visited the Iberian Peninsula. We stayed for five days and mixes relaxing by the pool with walking tours and exploring food and wine.  Quick facts: Lisbon is the capital, and the largest city, of Portugal. About 3 million people live in the Lisbon…